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Art Memes that bless!

One of the tasks at my job at Kingdom is to create social media memes for our customers.  This is one that I made just for my own use but you may share it!  

God put on my heart that he wanted me to create things to be a blessing, to encourage and uplift, and even prophecy into peoples hearts and minds, His love.  He has a great plan for us all!  

This idea came to me in a vision, where I saw my hand, a rainbow colored dove. It flew out of my hand and into a tree, that was covered in beautiful flowers. 

The name "Heaven to Hand" came to me a while back, and I feel it is from the Lord.  God uses our hands to be a blessing, whether we are serving food, healing, cleaning or creating.  Touch means a lot, So let us touch others every day, in prayer, in thought and in deed, and show them God's love!

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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to Our New Website!  We're so happy you've come to visit!  I will be adding updates and current items we are working on.  I hope to add tutorials images and even videos!  

I would like it to be informative and a teaching tool for those who would like to learn more about art, design and how to use it as a ministry.  If you would like to subscribe to this blog and/or my Wordpress blog, I would love to have you join me!  

My wordpress blog is located here:

I hope this site will remind all of us in the art business that everything we create can be an influence in someone's life.  All too often we think of ministry as only musical talent, or teaching and preaching.  There are so many ways we can minister to others, and God has given us all a special calling.  This site is meant for the creative heart, for encouragement and a gifted future! Jeremiah 29:11!


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