Art Memes that bless!

One of the tasks at my job at Kingdom is to create social media memes for our customers.  This is one that I made just for my own use but you may share it!  

God put on my heart that he wanted me to create things to be a blessing, to encourage and uplift, and even prophecy into peoples hearts and minds, His love.  He has a great plan for us all!  

This idea came to me in a vision, where I saw my hand, a rainbow colored dove. It flew out of my hand and into a tree, that was covered in beautiful flowers. 

The name "Heaven to Hand" came to me a while back, and I feel it is from the Lord.  God uses our hands to be a blessing, whether we are serving food, healing, cleaning or creating.  Touch means a lot, So let us touch others every day, in prayer, in thought and in deed, and show them God's love!

Written by : Super User