How it's done in the Art Studio

All of the work done in my art studio begins with a design in my head…

But truly, it begins there. I also create designs from customer ideas, and I enjoy painting animals and architecture, buildings and all things Christian or country.  I believe that we are all anointed with special gifts from God.  We just need to find it and run with it!

I usually prefer acrylics on canvas, watercolor paper, wood or furniture.  As far as my signs go, you will find them available for sale in print, or directly painted on wood. On art designs like the “Cathouse Inn Bed and Breakfast”, I will occasionally sell originals. So if you are interested in one in particular, feel free to contact me on a price.  Originals are typically best framed.

I will sometimes incorporate pen and ink works. I love that look with watercolors.  I’ve begun to also use gelatto pens and alcohol  inks for a new look.

I don’t use stickers, vinyl or Cricut cutters. Those are great tools, but I prefer the hand painted look to my designs.  If you want a design or artwork changed from what it currently says, I will incorporate new lettering digitally via photo shop. 

After I’ve painted each design, I create a digital image of it.  Then I make my own digital prints which are then applied to a plaque or board created right here in our shop.  The board is painted in a color that matches, we have a selection for your decor, and the artwork is applied with a commercial grade adhesive.  Some have an acrylic sealer but many people prefer it without the sealer.  It’s a bit more rustic that way.  I antique the edges of the board to give it a finished look.  Each piece that hangs has metal hooks on the back, screwed in.  

All of my designs that are painted on wood, are “one of a kind”  and hand painted originals. Lettering is all done by hand as well. No stickers!   Many are painted on a piece of wood with the “live edge” and also have burned fractals with resin inlay.  All are sealed with acrylics.  Some variations include a sparkly finish like the snowy images or the northern lights.

Please click on  some of the studio images below to see more of how it’s done!

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